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Wholesale Flea Market Products provides high quality wholesale goods to retailers in the United States and abroad. We specialize in offering flea market items that sell extremely well and with high margins. By keeping our minimum order quantities low and selling only products that are tested, our customers keep coming back to us for our wholesale flea market goods
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  • Asia prices/ U.S. customer service
  • Make payments to a U.S company
  • Tested products with high margin potential
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Extremely low prices on high quality items
  • Great for startups or existing companies
  • No hidden fees; no membership fees
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Wholesale Goods: What's in it for Your Business?

Whatever the size and shape of your retail business, adding wholesale flea market goods to your shelves makes perfect sense from a business perspective. Unfortunately, many business owners don't realize that they don't need big, expensive products on their shelves to make money; flea market supplies are priced low to sell in large volumes and keep your margin high.

If you're still not convinced, just take a look at the market; though the economy in the United States is still struggling, the market for wholesale goods is continually growing. There are likely two main reasons for this upward trend:

· More people are looking for deals. Better deals. We're seeing a trend, not only financially but also socially, in that the average consumer is spending less and is looking for better deals. Fortunately, wholesale flea market products and packages can provide that.

· On the business end, many consumers are now becoming entrepreneurs, as the need for additional sources of income increases. Starting a small business with low-priced, high-quality flea market goods as your start-up products can be a low-risk way to make a living.

With these trends in mind, it makes sense that more and more business owners are rushing to stock their shelves with wholesale flea market supplies. The benefits are numerous, and many types of retail businesses have consistently been enjoying these benefits, which include increased sales and higher margins.

Low Prices Mean High Margins

It goes without saying that businesses such as flea market vendors can benefit from our flea market products and prices. Flea market shoppers want lots of products for low prices. Our suggested retail prices may seem low, but these are the numbers at which our flea market merchandise typically sells in larger volumes. And these large sales volumes keep your margin high.

Reasonable Minimum Order Counts

Whether you're a large or a small business vendor, you need to restock your flea market supplies frequently. It helps to have the option of more reasonable minimum order quantities., so that you're only restocking the wholesale goods you need, without having to order obscene amounts every time. Unfortunately, many other flea market goods vendors don't offer the same flexibility.

One type of business, especially, that can benefit from low minimum order counts are the smaller “mom and pop” stores. These types of shops are owned and operated in just one location, and many take the form of general merchandise stores (like your old-fashioned general stores). Mom and pop stores often can't afford to pay for the overly-large minimum order quantities that many other wholesale goods providers require.

Product Variety

Having a variety of products available to your customers is essential. And fortunately, you have the option to purchase a variety of flea market supplies without breaking the bank. When variety is your main concern, our wholesale flea market items are the perfect solution; you have many product categories to choose from, and there are many product types within each category.

For those small chain retailers that are just opening up shop, having access to a variety of flea market supplies at a price a small retailer can afford may be difficult to find. Starter packages are a great way to stock your shop in those beginning stages. A good starter package should include a variety of wholesale goods, so that your shop looks well-stocked and established. These items should also be low-cost and low-maintenance, making it easier on a business owner who's just starting out.

Items are Proven to Sell

For businesses like online auction sellers, it's great to have a supply of wholesale flea market merchandise stocking the virtual shelves. Auction sites are all about getting lots of people to bid and buy, so you need items that people actually want, so that you can bring in extra money when those big ticket items aren't moving. Our flea market items are tested and proven to be good sellers, and it's great to be able to fall back on those extra item sales.

Excellent Customer Service

Vendors large and small can certainly appreciate the value of good customer service. When you're dealing with any kind of bulk flea market items and purchases, it can be difficult to work with customer service representatives when there's the issue of language barriers and cultural differences. Many suppliers of flea market products force you to deal with overseas customer service representatives. With Wholesale Flea Market Products, though our products are shipped from factories in Asia, all of our customer service is handled in the U.S. This prevents mistakes in orders, and makes it easier to resolve issues that do arise.

Wholesale Goods are Good for Business

So what's in it for your business? Between the upward market trend in wholesale-priced sales, the increasing numbers of new retail business owners, and the undeniable benefits, making flea market merchandise available to your customers just makes a lot of business sense. Wholesale Flea Market Products offers high-quality products and packages at great prices for retail businesses in all stages of development, so if you haven't crunched the numbers yet, you might be surprised to learn just how good wholesale goods can be for your retail business.